Monday, August 22, 2011

Empowerment and Young Sables


President Mugabe greets Zimbabwe Under 19 rugby team Captain Sean Linfield and coach Bright Chivandire while Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere looks on at State House yesterday

It's been a good day .In the morning ,the President of Zimbabwe met the Young Sables,Zimbabwe Junior Rugby Team.The youngsters make us proud.They have been winning big and had not received much coverage.I liked the young fighters and the President too was happy and encouraged them .I am sure this is encouraging many young people to strive for more success in various fields of endeavor.I have no doubt that the Presidents gesture will go a long way in motivating many of the youths in our country.
Empowerment,like l said yesterday,they is going to be no reverse.We remain ready to engage those who are positive and are willing to achieve a win win situation,that allows us to benefit from our resources and they too ,including recovering their initial investments.So let's continue to build our country and equitably share in these resources.

At the heart of all these efforts will be the communities and workers and our sovereign wealth fund.The communities and workers must benefit and we will change the circumstances of our people.This we are going to achieve.The law is there and l will implement it.Side shows and promises that it won't be implemented can only be believed by those who are not serious in terms of securing their investments and growing value for their shareholders.There is no point in denying shareholders to benefit by being positive ,lest you end up loosing.
Thank you all for your continued support ,let's remain strong .We are right and nothing will scare us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Youth vanguard of economy


The youth have been challenged to be the vanguard of Zimbabwe’s economy by taking part in business initiatives that contribute towards the country’s gross domestic product.

This was said by the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, while addressing thousands of youths that jam-packed Mucheke stadium in Masvingo to celebrate the International Youth Day.

"As the youth, you must actively partake in economic activities and contribute towards the country's GDP," said Cde Kasukuwere.

Cde Kasukuwere said as future leaders, the youth must take the indigenisation and economic empowerment initiative to productive levels for the economic prosperity of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Youth Council chairman, Hamilton Pazvakavambwa said the youth are an important cog in the economic engine of this country and thus, they ought to be allocated at least a 25% share in every sector of the economy.

"We require that youths are allocated at least a quarter share in all sectors of the economy to ensure their maximum participation in economic initiatives," said Pazvakavambwa.

The International Youth Day is celebrated on the 12th of August every year. The day was designated by the United Nations in 1999 and is an opportunity for governments and stakeholders to draw attention to youth issues worldwide.

This year’s theme was “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”.

The International Youth Day celebrations coincided with the publicity drive of the African Youth Charter.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

General Solomon Mujuru - R.I.P


Comrades,an illustrious fighter and Liberator Gen Mujuru has died.

We admired his courage,humility,forthrightness and simplicity.This is one man who shaped our country and fought to build a democratic and prosperous nation.He was a hard worker to the end and humble. Joining the war at a young age, Gen Mujuru inspired many others to fight for independence. Mwendamberi,thank you for the role you played,guidance and being a father figure to many of us.

On Sunday l had lunch with the General and discussions at his house. Later we went to watch our heroic Cricket team and separated hoping to meet on Wednesday.It's no longer possible,but the hours I spent with him are invaluable.Profound advice and guidance from the Liberator himself. The game of cricket was the best and he would stand up to salute our team each time they demolished their opponents.

Let's now dedicate ourselves again to serve our people and nation in the same way the General did. To the youth, here is an inspiration that all things are possible.

Our VP and children, tinemi Samanyanga, General fambai zvakanaka.


Honorable Saviour Kasukuwere
Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment in Zimbabwe

Monday, August 15, 2011

Youths should shun violence


Masvingo Bureau
Zimbabwean youths should shun violence and concentrate on ensuring that they benefit from Government's indigenisation  policies, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has said.
Minister Kasukuwere said youths should develop themselves economically instead of expending their energy in violence.
Speaking during the International Youth Day at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo on Friday last week, Minister Kasukuwere said Government was committed to helping youths towards realising their goals.
"Youths should totally desist from violence and even in situations where people have differences there should be amicable ways of trying to convince each without employing violence.
"Differences in opinion on whatever subject should not lead people to be violent against each other so we are urging the youths to keep away from violence," he said.
Minister Kasukuwere said youths should be at the fore-front of empowerment programmes.
"Youths should take advantage of the ongoing efforts by the Government to indigenise the economy through the economic indigenisation programme.
"Young people should be at the forefront of making sure that Zimbabweans take ownership of their resources for the benefit of future generations."
He also urged youths to exploit their various God given talents in whatever field of human endeavour.
Minister Kasukuwere said going to school was not the only way youths could prosper in life as there were other opportunities especially in the informal sector.
He warned youths about the threat posed by the HIV and Aids scourge urging them to avoid being involved in sexual activities that increased infections.
Deputy Minister Tongai Matutu said Government would continue to pressure authorities to give loans to the youths for income-generating projects.
He said the ministry was allocated US$1 million for loans.
Deputy Minister Matutu said although the figure was small the people handling the distribution should make sure that all youths in Zimbabwe benefited.
Masvingo Governor and Resident Minister Titus Maluleke hailed the holding of International Youth Day Celebrations saying youths had a crucial role to play.
Poetry and music by Sulumani Chimbetu spiced the celebrations.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kasukuwere vows to empower streetchildren


Government will ensure that children living in the streets benefit from indeginisation and economic empowerment programmes by providing them with decent accommodation, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has said.
Minister Kasukuwere said there was need for Government to provide the children with decent accommodation by allocating them pieces of land.
In a speech read on his behalf by child president Anesu Rangwani during belated Day of the African Child commemorations in Harare recently, Minister Kasukuwere, said the empowerment drive should benefit all Zimbabweans.
The commemorations were organised by the Young People's Network on HIV and Aids (YPNHA) in conjunction with National Aids Council (NAC).
"Our country needs more of these empowerment programmes that will take children from the streets giving them education, economic and political empowerment.
"This must also include access and utilisation of HIV and Aids services," he said.
Empowerment, he said, was a vital tool to the success of the youths.
This year's celebrations were held under the theme "The call for urgent action in favour of young people in the streets."
Minister Kasukuwere said the theme sought to contribute to widespread awareness of the dangers faced by children living on the streets.
"Children living on the streets are the most vulnerable children on earth and are often subject to violence and exploitation," he said.
He noted the role played by children in the liberation struggle saying it was in the best interest for Government to cater for children's development.
Minister Kasukuwere added that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow hence the need to nurture them.
"They have a special place in society and they must be prepared for leadership and management in all spheres of the Zimbabwean life, as they will direct the future.
"Africa will not be independent when our youth wallow in poverty, drop out of school and abuse drugs and other substances," he said.
Minister Kasukuwere also applauded the YPNHA for joining other institutions in the national response to HIV and Aids.

Herald Reporter

Thursday, August 4, 2011

YOUTH, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere: Be Economically Active, Youths Urged


YOUTH, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has urged young Zimbabweans to participate in national economic to eradicate poverty in the country.
He said this at the Junior Chamber International 10 outstanding young persons in Zimbabwe awards held in Harare recently.
"Who will make a difference in our country, if we don't? Who will develop our country, if we don't? Who will become rich in our country, if we don't? As young people, let's be involved in shaping the destiny of our country and I want to commend you for working hard," said Minister Kasukuwere.
He added that it is important for youths to be innovative and to create ideas that help in developing the country's economy.
The 2011 honourees of the programme were Businessmen Mr Samuel Mudavanhu, Mr Fungai Makoni, Mr Munyaradzi Shadaya and Mr Kudakwashe Bhiza.
Others included women's rights activist Ms Janah Ncube, medical practitioner Dr Pride Chigwedere, cultural entrepreneur Mr Innocent Dube, lawyer Mr Errol Muzawazi, pastor Evan Mawarire and musician Ms Prudence Mabhena.
The national competition is aimed at identifying outstanding young people from various spheres of society, including business and entrepreneurial development, personal accomplishment, cultural achievement and medical innovation.
JCI Zimbabwe president Mr Patson Mahatchi said this award ceremony was aimed at honouring young people who made an impact in their societies through active participation. "In JCI we measure success through service to humanity. Given the accomplishments of the young people we identified in this programme, we found it necessary to mobilise resources and our partners to host a befitting ceremony.
"These are the young people who made an impact through active participation to better other people's lives," said Mr Mahatchi.
The national JCI TOYP honourees will move to compete for the international title and up to 10 international honourees will be chosen from all entries worldwide and will be invited to travel to the JCI World Congress in Brussels, Belgium in November.
Mr Mahatchi expressed confidence that the nominees from Zimbabwe have a great chance of winning at the international level and described them as representing the "heights of progress in numerous human endeavours". JCI public relations director Mr Lloyd Ngwenya said that Zimbabwe has in the past produced winners at international level
These include Charlene Hewatt (founder and director of Environment Africa), who received an Environmental and Moral Leadership award in 1995, Strive Masiyiwa (founder and chairman of Econet) who received as Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Award in 1999.
In 2005 Advocate Sabelo Sibanda (founder of the African Awareness) received the Cultural Achievement Award and in 2007 Betty Hazviperi Makoni (founder and director of the Girl Child Network) was given an award for her humanitarian and voluntary leadership.
JCI Zimbabwe is part of the world community young active ages between 18-40 and the members believe that in order to create positive change, they must take collective action to improve themselves and the world around them.
The organisation's members are involved in community development projects, business interests, individual development programs and international connections to demonstrate social responsibility and improve themselves through participation in leadership and action.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Empowerment of youth lauded

Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasuku-were has hailed President Mugabe for his overwhelming commitment to youth empowerment and development.
Minister Kasukuwere said this at the Outstanding Young Persons of Zimbabwe Awards Ceremony of Junior Chamber International.

"President Mugabe over the past three months has created more time for young people than ever before in trying to make sure that the young Zimbabweans continue to excel in their respective fields and do the country proud."

The President, on June 27 to July 1 took with him several youth leaders to the African Union Summit meeting held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.
"In that meeting President Mugabe emphasised the need for African governments to link African resources to the youth of the continent to ensure national development," Minister Kasukuwere said.

The President also spent the whole day on July 16 with the youths during the official opening of the Junior Parliament.
"In his address to the thousands of young people who witnessed the official opening of the Junior Parliament President Mugabe insisted that education remains the cornerstone of youth development in Zimbabwe," he said.

Minister Kasukuwere said President Mugabe also emphasised the need to make skills education relevant to the needs of Zimbabwe, especially in the mining sector.
President Mugabe last week attended the United Nations High Level meetingon youths in New York and was accompanied by youth leaders under the umbrella of the Zimbabwe Youth Council.

"This has demonstrated that President Mugabe's commitment to youth development is unquestionable," he said.
Minister Kasukuwere, during the presentation of an award to young leaders, noted that President Mugabe's commitment was critical capital for youth development in Zimbabwe.