Monday, August 22, 2011

Empowerment and Young Sables


President Mugabe greets Zimbabwe Under 19 rugby team Captain Sean Linfield and coach Bright Chivandire while Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere looks on at State House yesterday

It's been a good day .In the morning ,the President of Zimbabwe met the Young Sables,Zimbabwe Junior Rugby Team.The youngsters make us proud.They have been winning big and had not received much coverage.I liked the young fighters and the President too was happy and encouraged them .I am sure this is encouraging many young people to strive for more success in various fields of endeavor.I have no doubt that the Presidents gesture will go a long way in motivating many of the youths in our country.
Empowerment,like l said yesterday,they is going to be no reverse.We remain ready to engage those who are positive and are willing to achieve a win win situation,that allows us to benefit from our resources and they too ,including recovering their initial investments.So let's continue to build our country and equitably share in these resources.

At the heart of all these efforts will be the communities and workers and our sovereign wealth fund.The communities and workers must benefit and we will change the circumstances of our people.This we are going to achieve.The law is there and l will implement it.Side shows and promises that it won't be implemented can only be believed by those who are not serious in terms of securing their investments and growing value for their shareholders.There is no point in denying shareholders to benefit by being positive ,lest you end up loosing.
Thank you all for your continued support ,let's remain strong .We are right and nothing will scare us.