Tuesday, August 16, 2011

General Solomon Mujuru - R.I.P


Comrades,an illustrious fighter and Liberator Gen Mujuru has died.

We admired his courage,humility,forthrightness and simplicity.This is one man who shaped our country and fought to build a democratic and prosperous nation.He was a hard worker to the end and humble. Joining the war at a young age, Gen Mujuru inspired many others to fight for independence. Mwendamberi,thank you for the role you played,guidance and being a father figure to many of us.

On Sunday l had lunch with the General and discussions at his house. Later we went to watch our heroic Cricket team and separated hoping to meet on Wednesday.It's no longer possible,but the hours I spent with him are invaluable.Profound advice and guidance from the Liberator himself. The game of cricket was the best and he would stand up to salute our team each time they demolished their opponents.

Let's now dedicate ourselves again to serve our people and nation in the same way the General did. To the youth, here is an inspiration that all things are possible.

Our VP and children, tinemi Samanyanga, General fambai zvakanaka.


Honorable Saviour Kasukuwere
Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment in Zimbabwe