Thursday, September 29, 2011

Youth Empowerment

Today we updated the nation on the indigenisation of the mining sector.Like I said ,the progress to date is very encouraging and it has dawned upon all that the law of the land must be upheld.The cooperation and goodwill are key features in successful transformations.The empowerment program me is a very important development in the history of our nation and i am certain that at the end of the process ,we must see an empowered nation benefitting from her natural endowments.The world over,nations have developed on the back of their resources and endowments,Zimbabwe is no exception.The journey has been tough and ahead of us lie trying times as we implement the program me aimed at broad based and inclusive participation.The communities and workers occupy an important role in a democratic economy.The energies of our youths being called upon to embrace the mining industry as the future.

The visit to my office by the MDC(T) Youth leadership was interesting and illuminating.I came out of the meeting with a sense that the challenges that confront our young people are common.Empowerment of the youths and skills are key to developing young people who will be central in national development.The 1:30 hr meeting has opened to all communication that is vital in youth work and l commend them for the courage and desire to engage positively.A lot can be done to develop the youths and the meeting today has set on course a trajectory that we should build on.