Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hon. Minister Kasukuwere to launch Unki Tongogara Community Share Trust scheme

We will be proceeding to Shurugwi ,Midlands in the morning to launch Unki Tongogara Community Share Trust scheme.HE President Mugabe will officiate as we achieve another milestone in the empowerment drive.We are happy that we have received maximum cooperation from the Anglo team and the entire leadership of the Midlands and Shurugwi chiefs in particular.

Youth Empowerment continues as key priority in our efforts as the ministry.I am pleased after discussing with the Finance Minister that the message coming from the youth has been heard.I am confident that we will make you VERY VERY happy.We intend to grow the Youth Fund beyond the current amounts.I will not want to let the cat out of the bag,but be assured its YOUTH TIME.However,we require hardwork,honesty and dignity.Its not just the availability of resources that will drive your success,but your own entrepreneurial spirit,industry and dedication.

We intend to intensify capacity building among the youth and skills development.Those who want to participate in building a developing nation,this is the time.