Monday, November 14, 2011



On Wednesday we will be gathering at the HICC Rainbow Hotel to hold a belated Africa Youth Day celebrations and the launch of the Youth Fund. Let's attend the celebrations and be part of history as our determination to ensure that indigenisation and empowerment efforts succeed.The youth are our biggest asset as a nation and they are going to be central in developing our national economy.
We will continue to work tirelessly to raise funding for the empowerment of the energetic youths of Zimbabwe.As l have often said,the young Zimbabweans are what any serious nation needs to achieve economic independence.Smart,educated and brave the skills base is awesome and must be harnessed for the national good,with the right support and focus it wont be long before we talk of serious entrepreneurs emerging within these great people. I am certain that the youths have what it takes and can be relied upon to make our nation a proud country.However we must support them,ensure that banking institutions embrace youth empowerment.It is through empowerment that we can create jobs ,it is through the youths that we can have strong domestic investors who can match entrepreneurs the world over.We have done it before and we can do it again,history repeats itself.It was the young generation that fought for the liberation of our country and it will be the young again who must grow the food,till the land ,mine the gold ,break the rocks and build new roads,manufacture the latest phones and challenge the world.

Today you might be misunderstood and abused,but lets have the indomitable Zimbabwean spirit.....never die attitude.The $10million dollar fund,well managed and rolled over again and again,will definitely open a whole world of opportunities for our youths.It's a generational responsibility and l have no doubt that out there there are lions and lionesses ready to get out economy back on her feet and expand it.

The efforts being made are not without challenges and serious undermining.I must admit ,a GNU while necessary to stabilise our nation,is however not ideologically prepared to take the painful decisions that can uplift our young people.Too much backstabbing,lack of foresight and crude attempts to acquire power at the expense of the young,is very very sad.Lets do the right thing and give our youths hope and opportunity.They want to grow healthy and happy families ,they want to be given an opportunity to own property and clothe their offspring.We owe it to them not to some foreign power who are irrelevant when it comes to our people.Construction of policies that do not speak to the people and are essentially elitist and unrealistic can not be entertained anymore.
The youths must be empowered and let's stop being slaves of other people and insult ourselves because we think we are inadequate.NOW we can do it and the youths ,do me a favor just rise to the occasion,let's shame the detractors.

Enough punishment has been meted out to the young and its time you get the bearings right.Empowerment and indigenisation is yours.It's about the youths ,it's about your current and future well being.Don't make any apology about it,the country is yours and you have a duty to work,develop and be in better circumstances in your Zimbabwe.

On Wednesday all the youths irrespective of your political persuasion,come and let's build a common future based on enterprise,hard work ,honesty and dignity among the youths.Through empowerment let's create the jobs,it can't be the other way other words an empowered people can create jobs for themselves and others not the failed American Jobs Act policy.Izvo zvekukopa izvi zvinonetsa!

Let me share again,imagine the amount of roads this country must develop for us to compete with other first world countries,the buildings we must build,the food we must grow and export.The industry we should set up ,manufacturing,the banks ,tele networks etc... it all requires dreamers amongst our young people.Fear fear itself.

And lastly,VIOLENCE is unacceptable in whatever form,be it physical,emotional or otherwise.No to fighting over nothing,get busy and build your future.Your words must build and not inflame or promote hatred . Lets meet on Wednesday,BE THERE AT THE HICC Rainbow.Its your day !!!!